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Why us?

SaifrTM began with access to millions of documents representing the work of regulatory and compliance experts, and thousands of content creators.

These data informed Saifr’s Natural Language Understanding (NLU) models, and these data are what make Saifr uniquely able to help mitigate regulatory and reputational risk.

The problem

Traditional content workflows typically have many touchpoints and email hand-offs which are inefficient and pose security risks.

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The solution

Saifr's solutions foster collaboration between professionals, both inside and outside the organization, as well as with our NLU engine resulting in compliant materials that are created, reviewed, approved, and filed more efficiently.

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Saifr solutions

Our solutions help companies create compliant public communications faster.


Streamline the content creation and approval process using AI and collaboration tools


Uncover potential risks and brand inconsistencies in existing communications using AI

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