Saifr™ NLU Engine

Accurately uncover potential brand and regulatory risks using multiple AI models

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Detects issues using multiple natural language processing (NLP) models based on high-quality, industry-unique data.


Learns continually through user interactions and regulator and brand standards updates.


Powers the Saifr scanning and workflow products: SaifrScan™ and SaifrReview™.


Analyzes and scores documents in seconds to help streamline the process.

Saifr can be your content development engine

Think of Saifr as a new teammate who never gets tired, doesn’t need coffee, and lives for monotonous and low-complexity tasks, like making sure you follow corporate communications guidelines, looking up disclosures, and even checking grammar. Saifr doesn’t replace humans, it greatly assists and empowers them.

Saifr instantly provides the first round of review for both branding and regulatory risks. It checks that you are following corporate communications guidelines related to brand, tone, gender, age, and sentiment. It also looks for regulatory risks to ensure the content is fair and balanced and not exaggerated, unwarranted, misleading, and/or promissory. Then, Saifr continues to review content all the way to approval.

Infographic showing how SaifrReview and SaifrScan interact with Saifr NLU Engine.


Quickly flags potentially risky language in text and videos for review by marketing or compliance

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Automatically detects language that may require disclosures

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Identifies problematic images for examination

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