Streamline compliance with artificial intelligence

Let AI perform the low-complexity tasks enabling compliance to focus on the more value-added work.

Why our AI is different

When companies claim they use AI, they are often using rules-based models—if X, do Y. Rules-based models are great for specific use cases, and we use them too. But they are only the beginning. We use deep learning AI, which is an advanced technology, that can identify objects and faces, recognize spoken words, translate languages, and even beat the top humans at chess. It requires a lot of high-quality data that few organizations have.

Saifr began with access to millions of documents from Fidelity Investments representing over 15 years of work by thousands of marketing and compliance experts in various lines of business. These documents, and those from other independent sources, were validated by former regulatory staff attorneys and feed our natural language processing (NLP) models. These data make Saifr unique.

How it works


Document upload

Materials are created or uploaded via an intuitive workflow, and internal and external stakeholders are invited to collaborate.

AI analysis

Documents that contain text, images, and/or video are analyzed by a network of NLU models providing a first pass highlighting regulatory risks such as if the language or images are promissory, exaggerated, unwarranted, misleading, etc. Disclosures and footnotes are suggested.


Collaborators can make in-line changes and add approvers who are then able to review, identify potential edits and risks, and determine approval.

Audit trail

All comments, changes, and approvals are tracked, the system helps you file with your regulator, and all materials are securely stored.

Why compliance loves Saifr

"Review fatigue" is reduced

Analyzes content to capture the low-complexity risks and to note needed disclosures and footnotes so that compliance experts can focus on the gray areas of regulatory review.

Teams collaborate better

Enables easy collaboration amongst all stakeholders, whether internal or external.

Most content types are analyzed

Processes most common content formats, including words, images, and video all through an integrated editor.

Auditing and filing is streamlined

Eases auditing via robust tracking and reporting on all comments, changes, and approvals. Following final approval, Saifr assists in filing with regulators.

Saifr solutions

Our solutions help companies create compliant public communications faster.


Streamline the content creation and approval process using AI and collaboration tools


Uncover potential risks and brand inconsistencies in existing communications using AI