About Saifr

Saifr helps facilitate the creation, review, and approval of public communications to mitigate brand, reputational, and regulatory risk.

Saifr's mission began when we observed content creation, review, and approval processes that were typically complicated, inefficient, and prone to risk.

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Saifr developed a way for content creators, marketing, legal, and compliance teams to easily collaborate, then added machine intelligence to seamlessly augment the process. As a result, Saifr makes corporate and regulatory compliance faster, less expensive, and more accurate.

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Saifr began with access to documents representing the work of thousands of marketing, regulatory, and compliance experts. These data informed Saifr’s models and are what make Saifr unique.

Saifr doesn’t replace marketing or compliance professionals; it streamlines and enriches the creation and review process with two products:

  • SaifrReview™ provides an intuitive SaaS workflow UX to simplify the development of new public communications. The tool supports:
    • inline collaboration with internal and external stakeholders,
    • immediate NLU-powered scoring (compliance risk; style guide; tone, sentiment, and audience analysis),
    • machine learning disclosure detection,
    • approval management and tracking,
    • archiving, and
    • a connection for you to file with regulators.
  • SaifrScan™ is an API-as-a-Service product that quickly scores an existing inventory of materials to discover dormant risks and brand inconsistencies for compliance and marketing professionals to address.

Saifr estimates its workflow tool and intelligent document scoring can help companies create on-brand, compliant communications faster.